Welcome to the homepage of
Jeroen Smits


    This is the homepage of Jeroen Smits, social researcher and director of the Global Data Lab and of SciRev.
    My central research interests are inequality, development, social cohesion, and the construction of databases and the development of knowledge instruments.
    If you follow the links on this page, you will find information on my current research position, on projects I am involved in, and on my research background. You can also download information and there are links to sites with data of interest to comparative researchers.

Contact:    jeroen.smits@fm.ru.nl

Global Data Lab
Database Developing World
Radboud University Nijmegen
Nijmegen center for Economics (NiCE)
RU Library

keywords: sociology, health care, comparative research, accesibillity, social stratification, ethnicity, ethnic intermarriage, educational homogamy, occupational homogamy, returns to education, inequality of mortality, career migration, Netherlands, social mobility, female labor force participation, selection bias, Heckman two-step procedure, Heckman with SPSS

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